You’ll wonder how you ever lived without us!


This is the first service we recommend to new clients. This “clean-out” typically takes about 2-3 hours, on average, and gives us an opportunity to get oriented to your wardrobe and sense of style. It entails a personalized one-on-one experience in which we go through all the pieces in your wardrobe and conduct an “edit.” We’ll get rid of things that don’t flatter or work for your specific body type, as well as items that are dated, pilled, too small/too big. This process gives us a better understanding of what wardrobe essentials and pieces you still need in your closet! It’s a great way to simplify and purge, and helps us define your shopping list and needs. It’s also helps us get to know you and your sense of style, and show you new ways to wear and re-work the pieces you already have.


Do you hate shopping and feel overwhelmed in stores? Not sure what looks good on you? Do you tend to wear the same few things and waste money on clothes you don't wear? We have a solution and a strategy for style.

This experience is intended to complete your wardrobe and provide you with the building blocks and foundational items you need to maximize your outfit possibilities. Each shopping trip is customized and tailored based on who you are, your lifestyle, specific needs, and personal sense of style. We act as your personal styling & shopping guides and curate the trip around your needs. Let us take care of you and bring everything straight to your doorstep.


Planning a trip is so much fun, but packing for a trip can be another entire experience for many people…. And most people I know wait until the last minute, which makes them feel rushed and anxious just hours before a trip! 

I can help make packing pleasant and fun, by carefully choosing the right outfits, shoes and accessories, without over packing. You will feel so prepared when you arrive at your destination and not waste any time worrying about your vacation wardrobe, and focus on relaxing, exploring, or whatever you have planned! Whether traveling for business or pleasure, I can help!



Are you needing to polish your look, or need a new look in general?  What about get that promotion you’ve been working for your whole career?  Well, you need to look and dress the part!  Most of my clients simply don’t have the time, or the know how, to get that cutting edge, standout look they desire in both business and/or personal. .  They end up saving money in the long run because everything we choose is of good quality and will be worn over and over again.  And, since time is money, they win in the long run because they get the wardrobe they’ve always wanted in a very short amount of time.  If this sounds like you, then lets get started! .



Virtual Styling: Wanting to be styled from the convenience of your home? We offer virtual consulting and online shopping services

Special Event Styling: Do you have an upcoming event that you want to look great for but don’t know where to start? Whether is a red carpet gala, high school reunion, or even a first date, I’ve got you covered!