“Clothes and manners do not make the man, but when he is made they greatly improve his apperance.” - Arthur Ashe



we offer the following services for Men


The ideal service to book if you have a closet full of clothes but tend to wear the same thing over and over and don't feel all that confident putting looks together. If you want a fresh perspective in creating new looks from the clothes you already own then this is a great place to start


Do you hate shopping and feel overwhelmed in stores? Not sure what looks good on you? Do you tend to wear the same few things and waste money on clothes you don't wear? We have a solution and a strategy for style.

Our complete wardrobe rehab process is known to be transformational, making my clients feel handsome, confident and excited to get dressed each morning. All three steps are necessary — each one builds on the previous to create the best results.


You know those incredibly important events in your calendar that elicit both excitement and sheer terror? Whether it's a day, week or month-long occasion Paige can get you feeling confident for your grande celebration, vacation, or important event.

Weddings Parties -  Engagement Photos - Reunions - Birthdays - Vacations- Parties - Holidays- Photo Shoots