Your wardrobe is one of your most valuable tools and it impacts everything….from the job you take, to the deal you land, to the people you attract, to the confidence you portray, to the respect you receive.

Cincinnati based Wardrobe Stylist Paige Caldwell can help give you the tools and knowledge to suit you as an individual. Whether you’re an established professional, a first-time job seeker, a divorcee looking for a fresh start, a new mom, or simply desire to make an unforgettable impact for a special occasion, Paige can help give you an edge, not only to your wardrobe, but your confidence.

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Styled for Men

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Styled for Women

"Working with Paige meant so much more to me than getting new clothes. She has a brilliant way of using clothes and personal style to not only boost your confidence walking into any room but also make you realize that confidence lived within you all along, regardless of your outfit. I will continue to call on her season after season to help me put my best foot forward." - Lacey McGrith , Cincinnati