PAIGE CALDWELLPaige CaldwellOwner/Lead Stylist


Growing up in the deep South, I was always taught that “being well dressed is a form of politeness” and that “good manners and great style go hand in hand”. I remember from a young age watching in awe as my grandmother teased her platinum blonde hair (the higher the hair, the closer to God), piled on so much jewelry that I was sure her neck would be sore, and never left the house without her lipstick. I thought she was the most beautiful, elegant, gracious woman I’d ever laid eyes on. And I still do. To this day, she still gets all “dolled up” even if she just plans to stay home (you never know who may stop by for a glass of sweet tea) and even though she is well in her 70’s now….she still wouldn’t be caught dead without her “lips on”. Between my “Nanny” and my precious, beautiful mother I’ve learned that style and strength start from within.

So in an ode to that quintessential southern style, I opened a women’s clothing boutique in my home state of Mississippi just a few short years after graduating college. It was there, in that little storefront, I realized there was nothing I enjoyed more than helping someone improve their confidence by transforming their appearance.

Currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio, I bring over 16 years of experience in the fashion and retail industries to clients locally and nationwide. With a signature southern style and experience ranging from buying and retail management to personal styling and shopping; image consulting, vacation/event styling, I believe that anyone can look good at any age and on any budget.

I live in Mt. Lookout with my three children, Stella, Steven, and Scarlett, our dachshund Reggie and hermit crab Flash. In my free time you can find me reading a good book, watching HGTV, and eating all the guacamole.