reclaim your style

Your wardrobe is one of your most valuable tools and it impacts everything….from the job you take, to the people you attract, to the confidence you portray, to the respect you receive.

Paige Parker Styling is a styling service specializing in closet edits, personal styling, and consulting. I take the guesswork and hassle out of shopping so you can look your best without ever having to lift a finger—or set foot in a retail store ever again. Now you will have clothes you love and a stylist you can trust, while saving you time and money.





Your closet should work for you. I reorganize and edit what you already own, determining what works—and donating or selling the rest. I’ll create new outfits out of items you already own and provide you with a custom 20-30 piece look-book for easy reference. As an added bonus you’ll receive a shopping list of any items you may need to fill in the gaps.



Shopping can get overwhelming and time consuming. Take the stress of shopping out of your schedule with my personal shopping services. I do the shopping for you, then get together for a completely personalized styling session. Buy what you like and we’ll return the rest. Meet with me in the comfort of your own home, or work with me virtually. 



You know those incredibly important events in your calendar that elicit both excitement and sheer terror? Whether it's a day, week or month-long occasion Paige can get you feeling confident for your grande celebration, vacation, or important event. I offer special event styling, trip styling/packing, photoshoot styling, virtual styling, and gift packages.



1. The Consultation

Fill out the style questionnaire. Then enjoy a complimentary, one-on-one phone consultation with your stylist so we can get to know you. Because it’s always personal with us.

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2. The Appointment

Once we decide what your styling needs are we’ll get your appointment on the books. Then Depending on your styling goals, we usually start your style experience with a house visit.



"Working with Paige meant so much more to me than getting new clothes. She has a brilliant way of using clothes and personal style to not only boost your confidence walking into any room but also make you realize that confidence lived within you all along, regardless of your outfit. I will continue to call on her season after season to help me put my best foot forward." - Lacey McGrith , Cincinnati